Mademoiselle S Photography

Born in Paris in 1979, I moved to London in 2006. Photography as an expression art form started at that time. Thanks to a home studio and the regular publication of my work on Webzines like and The Independant Voice, I've been building up my experience and portfolio since then, enjoying the great opportunity of meeting passionate models,as well as many Underground and Main Stream bands: Sepultura, Combichrist, Ace Frehley, Motorhead, Wednesday 13, Dimmu Borgir, VNV Nation, Testament, Evile, Dir en Grey ,Ted Maul, Marduk, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Cthtonic, The Cumshots, Arch Enemy, The Rotted, Shining ,Steel Panther, , Annihilator, Epica ,Dripback, Kampfar...

Some of my work has been printed in Metal Hammer Subterranea, Terrorizer, Kerrang (Spain), and Sick Sounds.As well as numerous webzines, websites and models professional pages.

Live Music Photography is what drives me the most; Nothing is better than the unity of a band behind instruments and the connection to the crowd. Metal is definitely my favourite- ‘hard n’ heavy‘ riffs and growls are a total necessity in my life!

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Mademoiselle S Photography